Something to post

I need to post something because its been such a long time.

So topic will be my custom shuuze. :)
Sharpie markers + cheap flats + avengers movie = better shoes
*I've thrown them around a bit on my other social sites, please bear with them one more time.* :)
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Simple display tutorial

So I finally got around to doing my submission for www.ikeahackers.net. I've had this hack created for about a year already and have been using it alot for my craft fairs and conventions. I hope it gets accepted and posted sometime next week on that site but if not, no biggie, its gonna be in this journal.

The oh-so-silly me didn't bother saving a copy of my written instructions so I'll have to rewrite it again. :)

Material : Tolsby frame, plastic cross-stitching canvas 7 hole, scissors.

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I hope everyone had a great valentines.
Kit baked me mini eggless cakes. They were delicious. :) They happened to be eggless because we had run out of eggs, heh.

Something for the wall.

I've always been attracted to those butterfly display collections. All of the pretty little insects neatly arranged in rows preserved under glass.
I do however feel sorry for the little creatures that had to die for such a display. Not to mention those displays cost quite alot.

A couple of months ago I was going through a variety store I found the perfect box to make my own butterfly collection.

Just finished it today and I am proud of the results :)

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Quite simple to make at home. A printed sheet of butterflies, stock images can easily be found in deviantart. A bit of hot glue and some cut up bits of paddle-pop sticks. But the most important one is the right kind of box. I believe a shadow box frame would work perfectly as well in this situation.
The antennae are missing, I'll probably add them later with some stiffened string. :D

So instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a real display. I got one for under 10dollars.

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Begin again!

Hello again.

I wonder if anyone remembers me? :)

Well after a pretty long break from livejournal I realised that I had missed alot of the enjoyment that comes with blogging.
I've joined other connection platforms such as facebook and twitter but the limit text input just doesn't do it for me.
Upon casually heading back through the entries of the past I realised how unbelievably childish I was! Haha.
With that thought in mind I am definitely shelving those journal entries away for good. -privates them all-

Alot of things has happened since I've last properly blogged. I've moved on, found myself a wonderful partner, moved out with together with him and settled down.
My interests have changed quite a bit, I've moved away from art and into crafting more, anime isn't part of me as much as it used to be and thus my arting time has taken a step down in my life. Its also the same with Dollfies, I still love them dearly and would be interested to see/hear more but its not really who I am at the moment.
I now love photography, gardening, creating jewelry, crafty bits and last but definitely not least gaming. I hope to write more about these as the weeks roll by. :)

I sincerely hope I'm back for good (I did pay for subscription to LJ!)

This is Mr. Strawberry and Mr. Flower, they are best friends and they sit in our car's dashboard
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