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I hope everyone had a great valentines.
Kit baked me mini eggless cakes. They were delicious. :) They happened to be eggless because we had run out of eggs, heh.

Something for the wall.

I've always been attracted to those butterfly display collections. All of the pretty little insects neatly arranged in rows preserved under glass.
I do however feel sorry for the little creatures that had to die for such a display. Not to mention those displays cost quite alot.

A couple of months ago I was going through a variety store I found the perfect box to make my own butterfly collection.

Just finished it today and I am proud of the results :)

Quite simple to make at home. A printed sheet of butterflies, stock images can easily be found in deviantart. A bit of hot glue and some cut up bits of paddle-pop sticks. But the most important one is the right kind of box. I believe a shadow box frame would work perfectly as well in this situation.
The antennae are missing, I'll probably add them later with some stiffened string. :D

So instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a real display. I got one for under 10dollars.

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