Jennifer Lee (chibigon) wrote,
Jennifer Lee

Simple display tutorial

So I finally got around to doing my submission for I've had this hack created for about a year already and have been using it alot for my craft fairs and conventions. I hope it gets accepted and posted sometime next week on that site but if not, no biggie, its gonna be in this journal.

The oh-so-silly me didn't bother saving a copy of my written instructions so I'll have to rewrite it again. :)

Material : Tolsby frame, plastic cross-stitching canvas 7 hole, scissors.

1. Get frame and remove the clear plastic sheet inside, save it for another project later.

2. Cut out a 6x4 inch sheet of plastic canvas. Slip it into the Tolsby frame.
A regular plastic canvas could divide enough for up to 4 tolsby frames.

3. Its now ready to use!

This is great for pierced ear earrings both hooks and stud type.
They work awesome for shop displays as well, I've had no trouble when I was using it to display my creations.

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